Toe Sucking Guys

Milo and Tristan

Toe Sucking Guys
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Milo and Tristan are chilling in lawn chairs on a relaxing rooftop balcony having a pleasant conversation. The camera starts to focus on their bare feet that look so smooth and glowing in the sun. Their feet get closer and closer and they start rubbing them together playfully. There is grass in the balcony so it feels good to have their bare feet in the grass while rubbing them together. They continue to talk while they rub their feet together and intertwine their toes. They finally decide to take the party inside and sit down on the sofa. They start rubbing each otherís bare feet with their hands and touching each otherís bodies. They admire the texture and the soft skin on their feet. They finally slide each otherís toes in their mouths while they caress each otherís furry legs. The camera goes in close while they wrap their warm lips around soft toes and the sun shines in the window making it look even more erotic. When they start rubbing each otherís cocks, they are already hard from the toe sucking. They sit with their feet facing each other and scoot close enough to where they can suck each otherís toes and reach their dicks at the same time. They start jacking each other off with their feet then get each other off with cock sucking. The hot foreplay leads to penetration featuring cock riding and doggy style ass fucking from behind. One of them lies back with his legs in the air while the other fucks him balls deep while heís sucking his toes. He keeps fucking him intensely while he jacks off and cums all over his own stomach. He then pulls his dick out of his ass and jacks off all over his warm, supple feet.

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