Toe Sucking Guys

Moonek and Axel Pierce

Toe Sucking Guys
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Moonek and his friend Axel are horny and ready to go in this sexy clip. Although Axel loves his friend's hard cock, what he really has been longing for is a little foot worship and Moonek is only too happy to oblige. When Moonek walks in, Axel wastes no time is kissing and blowing on his friend's cock through his gym pants. After a few moments he excitedly moves off the bed and begins nuzzling Moonek's dirty smelly shoes, laying down so he can lick them all over. The beefy Moonek leans back and Axel eagerly kneels between his legs, pulling Moonek's big erect cock out of his pants so he can lick and suck all over his hard shaft. He takes his time, pulling off Moonek's shoes to reveal the dirty smelly white athletic socks underneath. Axel alternates between sucking on Moonek's stiffy and his sock covered feet while he strokes himself until he is rock hard. Eventually Moonek can wait no longer and he turns Axel onto all fours so he can jam his huge hard dick into Axel's little fuck hole. Axel and Moonek cry out with pleasure as they fuck each other crazy until Moonek shoots jizz all over Axel's tight body. Now done, Moonek leaves the room, leaving Axel to finish pleasuring himself with Moonek's sweating sock gripped tight in his mouth.

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