Toe Sucking Guys

Erik Franke

Toe Sucking Guys
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Erik Franke is one of the softest, most tender young twinks you are likely to see on the internet. His skin has a pinkish hue and looks extremely soft to the touch. He lies on the bed fully clothed and he is already hot and sexy as he touches his body all over. He takes off his shirt and rubs his tender chest, squeezing his pink nipples. He starts turning himself on and sucks his fingers then takes his socks off. He rubs his bare feet and ankles. He lies back spreading his legs and puts his hands down his pants before finally taking them off. He puts his hand in his underwear and starts playing with his cock. He sucks his own toes then takes his underwear off and starts jerking off. He jerks off faster and faster and rubs his balls with his fingers in his mouth. He pulls on his cock fast as his tender balls jiggle around. He reaches down and caresses his feet. The camera goes in close as he rubs his soft feet together while he is jerking off. He runs his hands up and down his inner thighs then up to his tone stomach and chest. His body starts to twitch as he gets closer to orgasm. He closes his eyes and masturbates faster and faster. He finally erupts and sprays thick cum all over his stomach. He rubs the cum all over his cock and his stomach. He loves the fact that you are watching him in this private moment while he gives himself a full orgasm. His orgasm is deeper and more satisfying because he knows that you are watching him and masturbating as well. He loves it when you worship his soft feet and imagine sucking his soft young cock.

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