Toe Sucking Guys

Tyler Fox and Rudy Valentino

Toe Sucking Guys
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Tyler Fox and Rudy Valentino love cock like a lot of other guys do, but these two love feet too. They have a strong foot fetish. They love socks and bare feet and love to feel a man touching their feet through their socks then take them off so they can get their toes sucked. Tyler and Rudy satisfy each otherís desires in every way in this blazing hot hardcore gay video. One is lounging on the sofa and the other one comes to sit next to him. You can see how much he loves feet because he grabs his right away. He starts massaging his feet and caressing his socks. He canít take it anymore and has to feel his mouth on his toes. He takes his socks off. Soon he starts sucking his toes deep and stroking his bare feet. The toe sucking makes his partnerís dick hard. He canít wait to feel his mouth around his cock just like his mouth is on his toes. His partner returns the favor by sucking his cock while it grows harder and harder in his mouth. Before you know it, he pulls his mouth off of it and sits his ass down on it. His cock slides balls deep in his ass and he starts riding it hard while playing with his stiff cock. He turns around so he can fuck him deep and hard from behind while his balls dangle. He keeps pumping his ass with his throbbing fuck stick and rams it as deep as he can until he is about to cum. Suddenly, he gets down on his knees and starts sucking his cock fast and hard. He jacks him off and gives him a passionate blowjob until he cums then jacks off on him.

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