Toe Sucking Guys

Paul and Dan

Toe Sucking Guys
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Paul is on his phone while Dan is on his laptop and they seem bored at first. Paul looks at Dan and starts playing footsie with him with socks on to help with the boredom. Dan kicks his feet away at first, but finally allows him to rub his sock all over his legs and between his knees. Dan shows that heís interested by grabbing his foot and rubbing his sock. Itís no longer a playful thing. They are starting to get turned on. Paul suddenly tries to put his foot between Danís legs, but Dan wonít let him. Paul is persistent because he is clearly getting off on this exchange. Paul starts pushing Danís laptop and teasing him then finally walks over and starts rubbing feet on his ass and trying to stick his foot between his legs again. Dan finally starts to give in and he seems to want him to touch him more. Paul is tired of beating around the bush so he takes his cock out and taps him on the shoulder with it. Dan turns around and does not hesitate to take Paulís cock all the way in his mouth. They lie down on the bed to get more comfortable and the blowjob gets hotter. Soon, Paul is nude with his socks off and Dan is sucking his toes. Paul takes Danís socks off and starts sucking his toes as well while he plays with his cock. Dan lies down and wraps his feet around Paulís cock. Paul puts Danís legs in the air and takes his underwear off so he can slide his cock deep in his tight ass. He fucks him long and hard while Dan jerks off. Paul pulls out and finishes all over Danís soft bare feet until his balls are drained.

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