Toe Sucking Guys

DreamBoy and Tristan

Toe Sucking Guys
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DreamBoy shows how he got his name as he and Tristan satisfy their foot fetish play with each otherís feet and fuck each other intensely and passionately. You are not likely to find two smoother and more supple twinks anywhere on the internet. These two sweet and sexy gay boys sit on the bed and gaze at each other. They look both innocent and horny at the same time. One of them relaxes with a drink while the other one caresses his soft legs. He canít wait to see his soft bare feet so he takes his shoes off. He puts his fingers between his toes and massages his foot while the sexy twink continues drinking his drink. He sniffs his shoes while caressing his legs and bare feet and clearly starts to get hornier. He starts sniffing and licking his bare feet all over. Things are getting more intense and the guy clearly starts getting horny and begins touching himself. The pants come off and things really start to escalate. The toe sucking gets deeper and harder. They both start sucking each otherís toes and playing with their cocks that are getting harder and harder. You can see them clearly get more lustful for each other as they rub their bare feet all over each other and start rubbing their feet on their hard cocks and sticking them in their underwear. They both get nude and the cock sucking begins. When their throbbing cocks canít get any harder, they start fucking hard and passionately. They do some cock riding then some deep drilling with one of the guyís feet up in the air while his asshole is being stretched. They jack off and rub their cocks on each otherís feet until they both shoot cum all over themselves.

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