Toe Sucking Guys

Rodzynek and Borys

Toe Sucking Guys
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Rodzynek and Borys are asleep in bed together. They are sleeping sound and peacefully so they must have fucked each other real good the night before. That doesnít mean that they arenít still horny for each other when they wake up in the morning. The first one to wake up starts kissing the other and lies on top of him while heís sleeping. He pulls the sheet off of him and starts playing with his soft feet and rubbing his legs. He already starts to get worked up and starts sucking his toes and licking his feet. You can hear him smacking and the feet are wet from toe sucking. He moves up and starts playing with his cock through his underwear. His cock is already hard when he pulls it out and starts sucking it. He pushes his supple young mouth down on it and it grows harder while he sucks it. He plays with his balls and sucks it some more. The guy is fully awake now and he is horny. He gets up on his knees while his partner lies back with his bare feet up. He slides his dick between his feet and starts foot fucking him. He pulls his underwear off and starts sucking his toes and licking his feet. He then climbs on top of him, straddles his neck and starts mouth fucking him. His cock is huge and throbbing by now so he throws his partnerís feet in the air and slides his cock deep into his ass. He fucks him hard while he has his feet dangling in the air and jerking off. He keeps fucking him deeply then pulls out and jerks off on his feet. The other guy continues to jerk off as well and covers his own feet with more cum.

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