Toe Sucking Guys

Furby and Tristan

Toe Sucking Guys
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Furby and Tristan are having a hot make out session. Furby feels all over Tristan and starts playing with his feet. Tristan does the same to Furby in a 69 fashion. The gents kiss and suck on each other's feet. Delicate and light kisses. Smelling socks. Sucking on toes. Mutual toe pleasing goes on. They take each other's pants off and use their free hands to play with eachother's rears and cocks as they continue to each suck and lick the other's toes. Tristan deep throats Furbys toes as if they were hard cocks. Furby pulls down Tristan's pants further as he sucks on his toes more and more. Tristan gets excited and moves to go down on Furby's cock a bit. He treats his cock with as much attention as he did with his feet. He sucks back and forth and kisses his cock. The men go back to making out before Furby returns the favor and they start to 69 taking turns sucking eachother off and flicking their tongues around cocks. Furby passionately kisses Tristan's hard member and inches his way to his balls. He suckles his balls and plays with his foot. He then deep throats his cock more and more. Off comes Furby's shirt. More making out. Finally Tristan's shirt is off too. More making out. Finally Furby gets on top of Tristan and rides him. Furby yanks harder and hard on his own cock while saddling up and riding Tristan. When it's finally time to come it goes all over feet. Cum is rubbed all over the balls and shaft and feet. Furby just looks down at Tristan and grins before they continue further and eventually just nuzzle toes.

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