Toe Sucking Guys

Gizzy and Javor

Toe Sucking Guys
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Athletic stud Javor is ready for some foot worship in this hot clip and his lean pal Gizzy is all to happy to give it to him. The clip starts with Gizzy on the bed, relaxing and reading a magazine. Javor enters and makes his intentions known, wasting know time in getting Gizzy on the floor so he can run his dirty athletic shoe all over his pal's body. He rubs Gizzy's ass with his big dirty shoe and then rolls him over so he can stroke his friend's big cock through his jeans. Of course his pal loves every second of this treatment and the first chance he gets he pulls off Javor's big shoe to reveal the sweaty smelly foot underneath. Eagerly he begins to lick and suck it, slowly peeling off Javor's white socks to give his full attention to his sensitive bare soles. Soon he is ready for a mouthful of Javor's big cock, and he slides his lips over his friend's rock hard dick again and again, loving the taste and feel of it in his wet warm mouth. As the clip continues so does the pals' fun and Gizzy leans back on the bed so Javor can clasp his cock between Gizzy's feet and give them a good fucking. Soon Javor can take it no longer and he thrusts his cock into Gizzy's tight little hole, fucking his foot loving friend until he spurts hot cum all over Gizzy's bare soles.

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