Toe Sucking Guys

Leoy and Furby

Toe Sucking Guys
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When two young lean foot buddies get together it doesn't take long for sparks to fly in this hot clip. The pair start on the couch playing a sensual game of footsie. One hot dude is wearing clean white socks and the other black and watching them rub their long feet together is such a turn on. Their playfulness quickly becomes more erotic and soon one of the studs starts rubbing a foot over his friend's cock through his jeans. His buddy clearly enjoys this and shows his appreciation by peeling off his mate's sock and stroking and rubbing his smooth foot. He pays special attention to his hot friend's plump toes, interlacing his fingers with them and giving them a thorough stroking. Now fully aroused the pair can't wait to strip each other naked and really drive each other wild. With the soles of their feet facing one another they pleasure each other's cocks and smooth soles fully, alternating between licking and sucking each other's bare feet and stroking each other's stiff dicks with their pink feet. When they can take it no longer one of the sexy pair slides his hard long woody inside his friend, fucking him silly until he can pull out and shoot his creamy load all over his buddy's feet.

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