Toe Sucking Guys

Robby Rodriguez and Erik West

Toe Sucking Guys
0:00 / 16:28

In a previous clip we saw fabulous Erik have his fun and now it's exotic sexy Robby's turn for some foot love. The clip starts with Robby in a chair, stroking his big cock through his black briefs while Erik runs his skillful tongue all over his smooth soles. Erik takes his time, licking and sucking all over Robby's feet and toes with obvious pleasure. At times he thrusts several toes in his mouth at once, unable to control his enthusiasm at licking this hot dudes smelly feet. As the clip continues Erik kisses up Robby's hairy leg until he reaches his friend's stiff dick. He eagerly thrusts it into his waiting warm mouth, enjoying the feel of a hard cock between his lips. Robby clearly loves it too, moaning with pleasure as Erik alternates between sucking on his smooth arches and big stiff dick. Unable to hold off any longer Robby takes his cock in his hand, stroking his hard shaft while Erik continues to kiss and lick his upper thighs and feet. It doesn't take too long before his white cum spurts out, bathing his lean chest in a sticky shower.

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