Toe Sucking Guys

Tony Bucks

Toe Sucking Guys
0:00 / 20:21

After a long workout gorgeous stud Tony can't resist sniffing his sweaty dirty shoes and I can't blame him. He starts off the clip looking shirtless and sexy, running his hand over his cock through his athletic shorts while he pushes his nose deep into his huge shoe. Before long he can't resist taking it further, peeling off his sweaty dirty socks to reveal the big feet underneath. He rubs his strong feet while he strokes his dick more and more, enjoying the feel of his smooth soles under his skillful hands. It doesn't take long before his underwear are off as well and we get to ogle his big stiff dick while he rubs his hands up and down his shaft and over his sexy smelly feet. It is hard not to stare at his big toes while he licks and sucks all up and down his feet, all the while continuing to rub his huge hard cock. He works himself closer and closer to edge, delighting in putting on an amazing show until finally he shoots his load all over his feet, rubbing the cum into his smooth soles in the afterglow.

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