Toe Sucking Guys

Travis Cooper and Justin Cross

Toe Sucking Guys
0:00 / 14:21

Foot loving fuck buddies Travis and Justin can't get enough of each other's smooth bare feet and big hard cocks. Athletic Travis catches sexy stud Justin sleeping, only his clean pink feet sticking out from the bottom of the covers. Travis kneels down and begins massaging the other dude's smooth feet firmly and sensually paying special attention to his soft arches and the balls of his feet. The sexy rub down continues as he takes Justin's big plump toe in his mouth and starts sucking enthusiastically. All this hot attention to his feet has now awoken the sleeping hunk and Justin slides the covers away, revealing a big hard rod that he wastes no time in stroking. Soon beefy Travis moves up Justin's body and slides his mouth over Justin's stiff cock enthusiastically, skillfully licking and sucking his cock and balls until he's practically begging for release. As the clip continues Travis alternates between licking and stroking Justin's smooth soles and rigid dick until Justin shoots his load everywhere. In the afterglow Travis takes a little of the hottie's slick cum and rubs it into his pink bare feet.

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